Thoughts and Prayers to West, Texas

Our heartfelt thoughts and prayers are with the community of West, Texas, in the aftermath of the fertilizer plant explosion. Our appreciation goes out to the first responders sacrificing their safety, time, and energy to help contain the situation and treat the wounded.

Granger's 3rd Annual 100 Mile Boot Walk!

For the third straight year, country music artist Granger Smith is walking 100 miles in his BOOTS! All funds raised through the Boot Walk will benefit our active military, raising awareness of the challenges they face upon returning home.

Mark your calendars!

Granger has been hard at work on a new studio album and the release date has been set for April 16th! This is Granger's 9th album and might just be your new favorite! Check back right here for more info soon!

New single Oct 9th!

Granger has a new single called "We Do It In A Field" coming out on Oct. 9th. This will be the debut single off a brand new album to be released spring of 2013.