Granger Smith Cherishes The ‘Country Things’ On Latest Album

Granger Smith is releasing a new two-part studio album, Country Things, Vol. 1 on Sept. 25. The eight-song volume is available for pre-order with three instant grat tracks out now, “That’s Why I Love Dirt Roads,” “Hate You Like I Love You,” and the title track “Country Things.” Granger, his wife Amber, and their children revealed the news on their YouTube series “The Smiths.”

This new batch of music initially started back in early 2019, when Granger was writing, creating and prepping for his 10th studio album. The unexpected passing of his son River happened though and all of those plans abruptly came to a halt. In the months that followed, mourning River changed the way Smith heard the music, and songs like “That’s Why I Love Dirt Roads” took on new meaning.

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