Granger Smith Announces New Single 'Happens Like That': Exclusive


It might seem a little unusual to move on to a new project after just two radio hits from Remington, but the Texas A&M alum has always marched to his own drumbeat.

"We've always moved quickly on records. We were two singles into Remington, and obviously, that record is very special to me as all of them have been. They are all little snapshots of my life. But, at the same time, I think it's also important to keep things fresh and have new music out there, to keep the momentum going. Our diehard fans that bought the album the day it came out, they were coming off of an EP called 4x4 that also had four songs from Remington. So, there are people out there that have had the music for over two years now. I always want to cater to them first, and if they haven't had new music for a while, I think it's time they get some new music, some new stories to come out to see a show for."

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