The Biggest Year Yet!

Posted on 02.04.2010
In 2009 we started the year off with a bang...literally in Iraq! This year didn't have as many fireworks, but we did win "New Artist of the Year" on the Gruene With Envy Awards. We also played our first Steamboat Music Fest in Colorado in January and it definitely lived up to its reputation as one of the premier Red Dirt Music Festivals. But...even bigger things are happening in February! We've shot a brand new music video to coincide with the release of our newest single, "I Almost Am." Not only is this the love song of the record coming out around Valentine's Day, but it also comes out the week of my own wedding! As you can imagine, I'm more than excited about this HUGE day in my life and it feels good that music and personal life have met in a small juncture. "I Almost Am" represents very well where I am today and I hope that it comes across that way on the air waves and on the stage. I know I've always believed artists more when they sing what they live. 2010 has so many things in store for my band and our fans and I feel so blessed to be surrounded by all the wonderful people that keep this train on the tracks! Here's to new singles, new beginnings and our first year of marriage! This will be the most memorable year of my life so far and I thank all of you for sharing that with me! See yall down the road... -Granger