Posted on 10.07.2009
We had some extra time before our show on Saturday night so I decided to do something a little different with the band. I looked up nursing homes in Sherman, TX (the town we were passing through) and set up a mini concert for the lunch crowd that day. I brought the band, whom I didn't let in on the secret until we rolled into the parking lot and piled in with our acoustic instruments. I wanted to believe that there was a reason we were doing this random detour beyond my own understanding. I was right. Upon walking into the lunch room, I quickly noticed a vibrant, bright eyed woman with red, white, and blue balloons tied to her wheelchair and pretty bows in her pinned up hair. Her name was Myrtle, and it just so happened to be her 95th birthday. The band and I quickly adjusted our presentation announcing that we were the Granger Smith Band here to celebrate Myrtles birthday! She brought her hands together over her mouth in delight, revealing the young at heart, blue-eyed girl that she still was. We played song after song for her and her friends as they clapped and giggled like school girls. My drummer, Mike, performed some old Hank Williams, and she sang word for word as if she were 25 and the year was 1939 again. It didn't take long for the band and I to realize how effortless this stop was for us and how important it was for Myrtle. Before we left she asked, "I didn't know anyone was coming to see me today. Did my son send you?" I said, "Yes ma'am, he sure did and he loves you so much!" Her face lit up like the silver in her hair as she said, "Oh, I knew it!" The fact is, I don't know her son. But does that even matter? We are all in this life together. Time is only relative to our human selfishness and love is universal. Thank you Myrtle for once again reminding me of that. You are an inspiration to us all!