rollin rollin rollin

Posted on 09.27.2009
Hey everybody! Well, this year already has one foot out the door. I can't believe how fast it's flown by and how much we've packed into the last 9 months. Starting with our New Years concert in Iraq to releasing our first top 5 single and the brand new album "Don't Listen To The Radio" in July. We've run this van coast to coast, shot 3 music videos, launched our latest single "Gypsy Rain," and I even got engaged in the mist of it all! Things have moved so fast in so many directions and each and every moment has been such a blast to share with all of you on the road! We've changed out a few tires and even changed out a few band members in our complete effort to bring everything we've got to every fan that comes to our concerts. Without you guys we couldn't move this circus at all! So...looking at our 21 shows in October, I'm so excited to meet more of you! Stay in touch and we'll see you soon!