Summertime, Earl and new music

Posted on 07.31.2012

July always catches me off guard. Are we really over half way through the year? I don't know if its the heat or the crazy tour schedule but July always hits me with some impact.

A lot has happened in 2012 already. We put out my first live album, "Live at the Chicken," walked 100 miles for the soldiers in combat boots for the second year in a row, and released our music video and campaign for the song "That's What I Do With It."

Most recently we launched a project a little bit out of the norm with Earl Dibbles Jr. Some people call Earl my "alter-ego" but in reality he's just one of several characters I've created through youtube videos. Yes, this one has a lot in common with some of my close family members. Dibbles is a country boy that my brothers and I pieced together one day while we were loading deer feeders on my parents ranch. Bumping down a dirt road in a '74 GMC pickup that I single handedly flipped, burned up the motor, and broke the door off all during my teenage years, we invented Earl Dibbles Jr. (by the way I wasn't actually in the truck when it flipped. Blame it on the emergency brake or being 17 years old.) Months later the original Country Boy video had half a million views and we knew we needed a follow-up. And what better way to follow than with a song and music video? A late night with some good friends and some cold beer spawned "The Country Boy Song." The next evolution to the Earl project was to bring him on stage at a few concerts to perform the song and naturally to dress him up in his overalls and trucker cap. (and yes it's strange that I'm speaking in 3rd person but just go with it for me.) This was challenging in a few places with no dressing room but honestly the excitement of that has given new life to the show. I love being Earl.

Additionally we've begun preproduction on a new full length album to be released in the spring of 2013. I'm recording and producing in my home studio with my band like I have the past 3 albums and the energy from that is always so refreshing. Producing and writing is one of my favorite parts of the job. We are planning to have the first single from that album release this fall and I'm sure we'll be sneaking it into our live show soon as well. I'm stoked about how its developing so far and the creativity is infectious with the band!

I write this from the nav seat somewhere on I-40W in Arizona. Like usual, most of the guys are asleep in the bunks in the back of our 15 passenger van we call "Phoenix." We are actually heading to a show in her namesake town tonight. I'm excited about where this road is going. I'm excited that I'm not exactly sure where that is, but that's the beauty of this journey. Gas in the tank, music in the soul, here we go!


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